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Fly with family.

Share a safe space with the people that matter.

Private jet charter makes flying with family an effortless experience. Keeping your loved ones safe is our priority and we provide an affordable service for parents who want a safer, seamless journey for their children.

Why private jet charter is the best option for families.

If you’re taking a family holiday, there’s a world of difference between the comfort of a commercial airline and a private jet. If you’re weighing up your options, Ortac offers affordable private jet charter for families who value safety, flexibility and comfort. Here’s some excellent reasons why you should book today.


Private jet charter offers more flexibility.

When you fly with Ortac, your entire family has the freedom to get up, move around the cabin, eat and drink wherever and whatever they like, and spread out on the plane. A world apart from being cramped in uncomfortable commercial airline seating. This has the added advantage of giving Mum and Dad some much needed peace and quiet…

Don’t worry about luggage restrictions.

Ortac private jets have much more relaxed luggage restrictions, so instead of checking your stroller at the gate, you’ll have full access to bring your stroller or buggy on board. When you land, one of our staff members will prepare the stroller for you once more, and make it easy to access for your upcoming travel leg.

We look after your needs in the air and on the ground.

Unlike commercial operators, our service doesn’t end the moment when you step onto the runway. With Ortac, we take care of your needs long after your flight ends. Our flight team will arrange ground transportation for you and your family and help you get to your onward destination safely and smoothly.

At the Beach

Flying private with babies:

Rules and regulations

We care about the things you care about. Especially the little things. Ortac is deeply committed to the safety of all our passengers, large and small. This means we adhere to certain air regulations regarding the age and travel arrangements of babies and young children.

Babies can travel on a parent’s lap until two years of age.

If your child is two years of age or above it will need its own seat. If your child is younger than two years of age, Ortac recommends you bring the child’s car seat on board. This can be strapped into a private jet seat, and will follow the same safety guidelines you’re subject to during vehicle travel.

Ortac travel Jersey Airport Baby Family

You can bring food and milk on board.

We all know that a fed baby is a happy baby. That’s why we encourage you to bring your baby’s food and milk aboard Ortac flights. Alternatively, we’re here to help, so please let us know if you need our special catering team to arrange an in-flight meal that meets your child’s dietary requirements and preferences. If you choose to bring your own food and milk, just give these items to the staff at the terminal. They’ll be taken on board and provided throughout the flight.

Yes, even babies need passports.

If you’re going to fly via private jet with your baby or young child, you’ll need to provide valid passport details for the child. This allows your flight staff to meet all commercial regulations and streamline the screening process, for easier and faster departures.

Flying with a baby Ortac Jersey Private

Flying while pregnant.

If you’re planning to charter a private jet while pregnant, you should always consult with your GP first. We follow medical advice to safeguard your health and happiness. Like many commercial operators, we fly pregnant passengers in the first 36 weeks of pregnancy and we ask for a Doctor’s note for any woman who wants to fly after 28 weeks of pregnancy. 


Many pregnant women choose a private jet charter flight as a far more convenient and comfortable alternative to commercial flights. To learn more about our specific requirements, get in touch with Ortac today.

Book your family-friendly private flight today!

Whether you're a family travelling with young children to reunite with loved ones abroad, or parents-to-be sharing the trip of a lifetime, air travel doesn't need to be a stressful ordeal. Private jet charter is a flexible, affordable, safer and more convenient option.

To learn more about your private jet charter options, request a quote from Ortac today.

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