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Fly Ortac Jersey Airport Flights Pet

Fly with pets.

Everyone arrives feeling human. (Well... almost).

Your favourite furry friend probably has a phobia of flying. With good reason, because when you catch a commercial flight, your little dog or cat has to endure being shoved under a cramped seat, in a loud, drafty and scary environment. If you have a bigger companion, they’re doomed to rattle around the cargo hold, which is dog-gone awful. 


When you catch a private jet charter with Ortac, these worries are a thing of the past. We make it easy to bring your pets along so they can share your adventure on a safe and comfortable flight.

Fly Ortac Jersey Airport Flights Pet

Fly furs class with Ortac.

We care about the things you care about. Especially the little things like your four-legged friend. When you fly with Ortac we do everything in our power to accommodate your furry companion so they can put their paws up with their favourite treats in a safe and snug environment.

Your pets documentation.

Before your pet can step on board an Ortac flight, you'll just need to make sure that all the animal's documentation is up-to-date and correct. This helps us help you make travel arrangements for you pets, and take the steps needed to ensure the animal's comfort throughout the flight. Once your pet has hopped on board, our crew will work closely with other travel agencies to ensure simple and seamless travel arrangements from runway to your hotel.

Fly Ortac Jersey Airport Flights Pet
Fly Ortac Jersey Airport Flights Pet

Easy pet travel around Europe.

The UK and EU have recently taken steps to make traveling with pets even easier. These countries have recently introduced a program called PETS (Pet Travel Scheme), which allows canine and feline companions from some countries to bypass quarantine as they enter. Ask us for more information about these new regulations.

To learn more about flying with your pet, or to book your pet-friendly private jet charter service today, contact us:

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