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The cost efficient way to fly private.

Ortac offers affordable private jet charters.

So you’re interested in chartering a private jet, and the biggest question on your mind is probably, ‘How much does it cost?’

First off, it’s time to do some serious myth-busting. There’s a popular misconception that private jet charters are exclusively for the millionaire jet set. While it’s true that hiring a private jet to take you from A to B used to be eye wateringly expensive, we offer flexible and affordable solutions to suit every sized budget. We give you access to private aircraft, flight sharing options, and empty legs to make private jet charter more affordable than ever. 


In fact, the huge savings on empty leg flights can make the cost comparable to flying business class on a commercial jet. Same price but you get a private jet to yourself...? Did someone say, no brainer!? 


We lift the hood under the engine of how we calculate the cost of your private flight. 

Ortac Jersey Flight Private Fly London

How we calculate flight costs.

The cost of your private flight depends on a number of factors. 


Length of Flight

The number of flying hours you’ll log. 


Type of Flight

Are you flying one way or return? Want to make a few pit-stops? This impacts on costs. 

Type of Aircraft

We have different price bands for our different types of aircraft. 


Airport Fees

Most airports charge fees for landing and staying overnight. We’ll factor

these into your quote. 


The Position of the Aircraft

Ortac will consider the position of the aircraft you’ve chosen, in relation to its home base airport, when determining the cost of your flight.


Costs of Fuel

It doesn’t take an aviation expert to work out that fuel is required for any private flight, and Ortac will take the costs into account as we prepare your flight quote.


These costs can go up and down by choosing a different aircraft, a different airport or changing your itinerary. Our Flight Team will guide you to the most affordable solution and tailor a private flight to your budget and precise needs.

How to book your private jet charter.

Once you've decided you want to charter a private flight, the next few steps are simple.

Just enter your details into our booking form and we'll come back to you within 24 hours with prices for your various flight options.

Ortac will handle all the logistics of your flight, so you can relax, kick back, and enjoy your luxurious travel experience.

Contact Ortac today to learn more about private jet charter and to start planning your trip now.

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