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Flying FAQ's

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Everything you need to know before you go.

Where do you fly to?

We can fly anywhere you like within a four hour range. If you're flying from Jersey, that cover most of Europe, or even as far as North Africa or Iceland. So you can soak in a geo-thermal bath and be back in time for cocktail hour.

When do you fly?

Whenever you want. We offer a fully on-demand service, so you tell us!

How much does it cost?

Less than you might think. Naturally our rates vary depending on which of our aircraft you fly in and your destination, but you're in safe hands with our operations team who will tailor your most affordable route based on your requirements.

When you book on one of our empty leg flights, it can actually work out comparable to a business-class flight, with greater flexibility, superior comfort and seamless onward travel.

How do I book?

Simply send us your name, dates and destination in out contact form and we'll be in touch quicker than you can say 'Take my breath away'!

How much luggage allowance can I take on board?

Well, it depends on the size of your group and our payload. As a guide, you have a huge capacity of up to 12 x 50 Kg bags. So short of a grand piano, we've got you covered.

What are the security checks on takeoff and landing?

For aircraft under 10,000 kilos, as all of our fleet are, there is no requirement for baggage screening. When you fly with us you'll land with a fixed based operator (FBO) which is loaded close to the main airport, but accessed through a separate entrance. There'll be no queues or metal detectors, just show your identification, and breeze through in a couple of minutes.

Can I take my pets on board?

Yes, Ortac is a fully pet approved and pet friendly operation. Find out more about how we look after your favourite furry friend here.

What is the maximum sized group you can fly?

We can fly up to nine people on our nine-seater aircraft. Interested? Get your free quote here.

How fast can your planes go?

It depend on a few factors like the aircraft, our payload, the atmospheric conditions, but theoretically we can achieve top speeds of up to 550 miles per hour. That's about Mach 0.7, so not far off the speed of sound!

Isn't private jet travel slower than commercial travel?

Actually, when you fly private your pilot has the freedom to fly at higher altitudes than commercial operators, putting you in a fast lane to your destination. When you fly higher, you also burn less fuel, thus reducing the carbon cost of your trip. You also have the flexibility to fly in a more direct route to your destination and you can hit the ground running by breezing through security on arrival.

What happens in bad weather?

Our flight team would keep you regularly informed of any changes to your travel itinerary before your flight. unlike on a commercial airline, on a private jet charter you have greater flexibility. Your captain can discuss different route options with you to avoid localised areas of bad weather.

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