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Compliance services.

No more red tape.

Operating your own aircraft raises a number of legal and  compliance issues. Our team of aviation legal professionals can handle the red tape for you to take away those headaches. 

Ortac Aircraft Management


By making Ortac’s offshore base in Jersey, which is outside the EU, your place of operation pilot of non-EASA registered aircraft we manage can continue to fly under their existing ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) licences such as the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This also saves the cost and time of having two licenses per pilot, which you’d need to have if your main place of business was in the EU.

Ortac private airline Jersey


Once Ortac takes over management of your aircraft all transactions are overseen by a third-party “gatekeeper”. This is a regulated entity, also based in the offshore financial centre of Jersey. The gatekeeper provides both you and us with a complete set of aircraft accounting records. This is a fair and transparent process, making compliance much simpler.

Ortac Safety


Under ICAO Annex 6 Part II and EASA Part-NCC regulations aviation operations must establish and use a Safety Management System (SMS). Most aircraft owners have this already but if not, we can provide you with information and advice on setting it up. 

Contact Ortac today for expert advice on compliance matters.

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