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Our story.

The patch of blue.

There's always a patch of blue sky waiting to burst through the clouds.

We love flying because it allows us to see the world from a higher perspective.


We've watched the world change over our long career: in some ways we are more connected, but in others we are more fragmented than ever.

But if there is one thing we have learned in over 30 years in the skies, is that even in challenging times, there is always a patch of blue sky waiting to burst through the clouds.

We have bought to bear every inch of our technical expertise during the pandemic, safely operating hundreds of flights as the busiest operator in the Channel Islands. It's been our privilege to fly our clients safely back home to their loved ones.

Because in the age of social distance, connection is everything. There's no substitute for a firm handshake and you can't hug someone over the internet. 

Safety First
Ortac Airline Flying Jersey Directors

That's why we believe that travel is more than just an extravagance, it's a human necessity. We move travellers on a safe and seamless journey through the skies to bridge the human connections that make life worth living and inspire a better kind of private travel for now and future generations.

In a post-COVID world that is searching for safe passage to their destinations, we are the private jet company with a soul that climbs higher than anyone to place its clients first. That lifts up its communities and cares about its impact on the planet. And empowers the world to keep exploring in safety and comfort.

If you're looking for a faceless corporate airline then you've come to the wrong place. From Director to Ground Crew, every one of us is at your service. We pour your champagne, pilot your aircraft, and look after every logistical detail. We soar to greater heights than anyone to make your journey matter.

'It's what we like to call, the human way to fly.'


Welcome on board.

Tobi, Lee and Phil.

Welcome to Ortac. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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