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Ortac Founders Flight Fly Private

Meet the founders.

We've earned our stripes over 30 years in the skies and we've loved every mile of the journey.

When two fly-boys jumped in the cockpit at the Jersey Aero Club over 30 years ago, we felt the same shivers down our spine that we do today, Flying is still our life and we are happiest when we are in our element. Whether we are behind the stick of world class aircraft or directing operations on the ground, we are fuelled by passion for the industry that we love.


Our three co-founders have over 30 years experience in the aviation industry with first-hand knowledge of directing operations in the air and on the ground for both private and commercial operators. Our seasoned directors are fluent in everything from engineering and in-flight operations to the legal and regulatory requirements of aircraft ownership, to the commercial charter side of the business that fuels the engines and keeps our aircraft in the skies.

We are officially recognised by Aviation Authorities and regulatory bodies around the world as one of the safest and credible operators in the industry.

Lee & Phil

Three seasoned founders

30+ years industry experience

20,000+ flight hours

Tobi Ortac Jersey

Tobi Mathews


Airworthiness Manager

Tobi's unrivalled legal expertise in the industry and first-hand knowledge of the regulatory requirements at every step of the registration process, gives out owners full confidence when purchasing new aircraft.

Tobi wrote the book on common sense and he never misses a single detail. His exhaustive knowledge of every law, regulation and procedure has made him a respected legal consultant, qualified to oversee the technical compliance of corporate aircraft in several jurisdictions. Tobi is a coordinator for flights in the Cayman Islands for the Civil Aviation Authority and he oversees flight operations in the Isle of Man and Guernsey to bring them in line with Eurpean Aviation Safety Organisation Standards.

Tobi looks after every piece of red tape and logistical detail so that you can arrive at your destination feeling rested, reassured and ready to hit the ground running.

Lee Ortac Jersey

Lee McConnell

Co-founder & Pilot

AOC Accountable Manager

Lee is a seasoned pilot with over 30 years in the cockpit and over 8,000 flying hours on the clock. He has captained every sized aircraft over his long career, from Learjets for blue chip businesses to Boeing 737's for the world'd biggest airlines.

Lee's time behind the stick gives him expert insight into aircraft management and operations. Over his career, Lee has established a reputation for high standards of excellence across every wing of business aviation. He has founded aircraft fleets and AOC operations, selected and trained aircrews, and set the standard for best practices and procedures in private jet operations.


His meticulous attention to detail has earned him the respect of the aviation authorities, and he is recognised as a leading expert in regulatory compliance. Lee has been integral to the early set up and restructure of the Channel Islands Aircraft Registries with Government of Jersey Ministers. He is also an expert consultant to the CEO and airport executive team at the Ports of Jersey on their Corporate Aviation business, helping steer future business aviation strategy.

Philip Ortac Jersey

Philip Stott

Co-founder & Pilot

Flight Operations

Philip is a vastly experienced Air Transport Pilot who has captained flights to see of the most challenging locations across the world.

A true professional, Philip has flown countless high profile clients to their destinations with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

You name it, he can fly it. Philip has flown a range of corporate aircraft over his long career including the Gulfstream, Challenger and the Learjet 45 types. He currently Captains the Falcon 2000LX and Citation CJ3+. The first-hand knowledge has made him an expert consultant on buying and selling corporate aircraft.

A natural born leader, Philip's calm manner and technical expertise have earned him the respect of the business aviation industry.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can support your flight operations, please get in touch for friendly and professional advice.

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