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14 Reasons to fly with us

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

(Aside from our winning personality.)

You come first.

When you fly with us, you are so much more than a seat number, you are why we fly. From the minute you step on board, you are King. From Director to Ground Crew, every one of us is at your service. We pour your champagne, pilot your aircraft, and look after every logistical detail.

Ultimate freedom.

Fly direct and on demand to over 500 destinations across Europe within a four-hour flight time.

No more crowds.

Never worry about queuing or crowded airports again. Simply pack your passport and breeze through security in under 10 minutes with your luggage in tow. Feeling like a rockstar.

Feel COVID proof.

Every square inch of your private cabin is disinfected, sanitized and checked before each flight and our pilots are certified COVID-free every time they touch down. We take care of everything from a safe social distance.

World-class fleet.

Our private jets are the perfect fusion of technology, beauty and performance. Choose your way to fly from our exceptional range of world-class aircraft.

The safest pilots in the skies.

Our highly qualified pilots have a lot of miles on the clock. We’ve earned our stripes over 30 years of keeping our passengers safe in the skies, and we’ve loved every mile of the journey.

Fly clean.

We empower you to offset your carbon footprint so that every air-mile makes a positive difference to people, planet and wildlife.

Limitless luxury.

Champagne for breakfast? Nothing is off limits when you fly with us. Our logistics team can shake up any cocktail and prepare any gourmet delicacy served up with your favourite newspaper. We seamlessly provide you with everything you need to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

Unrivalled comfort.

Our luxury jets are furnished with world-class comforts in spacious surroundings with precise cabin controls at your fingertips, so you can arrive at your destination rested, reassured, and ready to hit the ground running.

Operational excellence.

We’re nerdy about planes. And that’s what makes us the best. No one knows more about the capabilities of our aircraft than we do. Our efficient team of engineers and operational experts work around the clock to finely tune every detail and provide exceptional service for you.

Personalised service.

From takeoff to landing, our in-house team of flight coordinators make sure that everything is carefully designed to meet your needs. When your flight request is received, our team works in unison to create the smoothest itinerary and experience.

Safest fleet in the skies.

Ortac goes above and beyond the industry safety standards to bring you the safest planes and in the world. Every plane you book through Ortac goes through rigorous third-party inspections. Fly with peace-of-mind that our aircraft meets rigorous regulatory standards.

Highly experienced flight coordinators.

We work with the best flight coordinators in the world. They manage flight information, adjust scheduling to suit your needs and they continue to document real-time events for the flight crew throughout your journey.

International flight planning.

Our team will make your international arrival as smooth sailing as possible. We simplify and shorten your customs experience, collect necessary documents or permits and conduct 24-hour global monitoring of every flight.

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